How are we different?

Currently, there are a couple of NewLaw practices in Hong Kong. They hold themselves out as recruitment agencies or consultancies.

The business model under which they operate is that they recruit and engage lawyers and through whom they provide legal services to clients.

They take a cut, and a handsome cut, out of the legal fees paid by clients. Essentially, they are brokers of legal services.

But why clients need brokers for legal services?

Why they have to pay extra fees to unqualified persons to obtain legal services, and why lawyers have to in fact share their fees with unqualified intermediaries?

More often than not, clients under this model are fooled and lawyers are screwed! 

SimplifyLaw is a direct answer to these questions. Clients of SimplifyLaw receive greater protections than from other NewLaw Practices. SimplifyLaw deals with clients directly. It discusses its fees and terms of engagement with their clients directly, thus reducing the total fees payable by clients by eliminating the “commissions” payable to unqualified brokers. Clients also benefit from obtaining guidance directly from their advisers directly.